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Kiran E. Rouzie a graduate of Community High School, has since moved on to study film (Video Editing B.F.A./B.A. Computer Science) at the North Carolina School of the Arts. Past experiences include: commercial advertising for: ABC News, Lucent Technologies, Volkswagen, University of Michigan. Graphic Advertising for: Allstate Insurance, Elizabeth Sulzby, Ph.D., Ann Arbor Public Schools, MTV Networks. Video/Audio recording and editing for: Community High School Counseling Program "Teenage Grief and Loss: the 'Experts' Teach the Helpers," "Community High School, Ann Arbor's Alternative since 1972," "Senior Tribute," Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, Howard Cooper Auto Import Center and Ross Video Services.

Jim Lau is also a graduate of Community High School. He has been working with Macintosh Computers since 1989, and has a background in audio recording as well as computer and internet technologies. He has done audio recording work for the Brookwood Studio, system administration work, site development and database maintenance for the University of Michigan Museum of Art, as well as independant hardware and software consulting.